Light Leaks is a cool and brand new plugin-solution brought to you by Luca Visual Fx. For the first time the creation of this unique effect is facilitated by a plugin rather than stock footage. This allows the user to adjust the Geometry and Stylization of the effect as well as the possibility to apply extra filters or use several instances of the generator, there are potentially endless variations to meet your requirements.


Light Leaks Effect        Light Leaks Effect        Light Leaks Effect


Light Leaks Effect        Light Leaks Effect        Light Leaks Effect


Please watch the main demo to get an idea of some of the looks acheivable with Light Leaks. We recommend you refer to the instruction manual for further details. Light Leaks is powered by FxFactory.

Are you looking for even more Light Leaks compatible with both PC and Mac and perfect for PREMIERE PRO and AVID. Please click here

Only $59

By clicking on the 'Buy Now' button you will be taken to Noise Industries website to process your order. FX Factory is required in order to use Luca Visual FX Plugins, this can be downloaded free of charge here


Compatible with:                                                         

FxFactory requires ATI, NVIDIA or Intel HD graphics. A graphics card with at least 512MB of VRAM is highly recommended. Please install FxFactory 3.0.4 if your system is still running Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, or previous versions of Final Cut Pro, Motion and After Effects. Final Cut Express users should also download this version. For more infromation on compatiblity, please visit Noise Indistries Support page for more detail.

Premiere Pro users will require Premiere Pro 6.0 or above, FxFactory 4.0 or above and a Mac running OS X 10.8 or above. We recommend you download the instructions manual for further details.

If you are an existing user of our Light Leaks Generator and have recently upgraded to FxFactory 4.0 then please re-download the generator by clicking the "Trial Version" button. After installing it, re-enter your registration code to unlock it. Alternatively you can re-download from Noise Industries Store web page.
  Download full documentation Detailed instructions on how to use Light Leaks.
Download PDF >


Links This tutorial demonstrates how to make the most out of Light Leaks. Watch tutorial >

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