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New Release – Light Kit 2.0 for Final Cut Pro, Motion After Effects and Premiere Pro

Building on the success of Luca Visual Fx’s Light Kit 1.0; a versatile range of light and image enhancement tools enjoyed by thousands of users all over the world, comes Light Kit 2.0 with an additional 7 new effects to make this a truly indispensable plugin. 

Designed for Final Cut Pro X, Apple Motion 5, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro on Mac, Light Kit 2.0 comes with twice the number of effects, the new ones are Blinks, Color Bands, Color Booster, Night-Time, Retro Color Shader, Stylized Luma, and Temperature elevating the number of plugins within the kit to 14 effects and 2 transitions.

Final Cut Pro X users will have the added benefit of a completely new user interface which includes dynamic and on screen controls.




Blinks effect

This utility plugin is designed to overlay a variety of blinking frames or shapes over your footage. Besides being able to select shapes or even load your own custom image, you can also choose among different styles of blinking effects; from pulsing to random or sharp, there are many ways to personalise the look.



Color Bands

An effect designed to add stylization to your video, the plugin produces either geometric bands or random waves both vertically orientated that animate with the action occurring in your video.



Color Booster

This plugin, as the name implies, substantially boosts the intensity of colors adding stylistic tones, which the user can modify. Colors may appear really strong after applying the effect, the quickest way to reduce the intensity is by using the Mix slider at the bottom of the parameters.




If you are trying to get an evening, dusk/dawn and indeed a night-time atmosphere or effects simulating cloudy or gloomy weather this plugin will help. It comes with a range of presets which could be used as a starting point.



Retro Color

This particular effect is especially (but not exclusively) suitable for landscapes and nature shots, which the user intends to add a vintage or retro feel to.



Stylized Luma

Many editors find themselves in need to modify or stylize just the highlights in an image. This plugin offers a variety of options to do that. While the blurs and the glow are almost exclusively used to stylize images the Color option in the Style menu can effectively help to add and modify a color tint to the overexposed or very bright areas.




Smartphones like the iPhone feature a tool within their picture editing effects called “Cast” or “Temperature”. We were partially inspired by that when we decided to create this useful tool. This new simple effect includes only 4 parameters, just what you need to make the highs in your video either cooler or rather much warmer.





To find out more or to purchase Light Kit 2.0 for the introductory price of $49 ($29 for existing Light Kit 1.0 users) follow this link.