Luca's Image Overlay allows the user to place an overimposed image or clip in your sequence. The width, height, position and colour can all be modified.





To install the plug-in:

After downloading the plug-in drag it to Macintosh HD / Library / Application Support / Final Cut Pro System Support / Plugins folder. Finally restart Final Cut Pro and the generator should show up in the Generator's menu (Luca's Generators).

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  30 clips reproducing a variety of film effects.
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Film FX transitions pack 2.023 brand new cool fx reproducing grungier FilmFx transitions.
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Film FX transitions pack 2.016 dynamic leaders with light and dirt textures.
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Light transitions pack 1.0 A selection of freely interpreted light transition effects.
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Individual clip purchase Preview, select and download only the clips you need.
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Light transitions pack 1.09 new plugins to create, enhance, bring to life ../images light and colors
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Tutorial This tutorial demonstrates how the clips are used within an editing programme.
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Download full documentation Detailed instructions on how to use both Film Fx and Light Transition clips.
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FX on demand Commission effects specifically tailored for you!
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Demo clips Download 3 demo clips to test them within your application (Do NOT preview the clips in QT). Please note that these demo clips are watermarked.
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