An effect and a transition that create an automated yet fully customizable bumpy distortion effect. When using the transition the distortion occurs on the portion of the outgoing clip affected by the transition. It may simulate a speaker vibration effect and may be used as an alternative unconventional transition in fast paced edits. The effect of this transition may be synced to sound beat since it comes with two modes (Constant and Random) and several parameters that allow the user to fine-tune the effect to sound. Please see demos below.

Shaky Bump effect may instead affect the entire clip unless you either use FCP range tool to select only a portion of clip and drop the effect on the selected range or razor blade the portion you desire.

Luca's Shaky Bump effect can turn useful when the user wishes to apply a rhythmical animation effect to a specific area within the frame. Use the Bump Radius, Bump Amount and Bump Position parameters in order to apply a bumpy motion effect to a specific region of the clip (See demo below),


Effects Parameters


Transitions Parameters


To install the plug-in: After downloading the plug-in drag it to Macintosh HD / Library / Application Support / Final Cut Pro System Support / Plugins folder. Finally restart Final Cut Pro and the effect should show up in the effects menu. For any enquiries or to send us feedback please email:





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